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Meet Our Director Lorie

Finding addiction recovery in 2018, Lorie jumped in with full determination. Choosing Auburn as her new start, Lorie attended meetings daily she pushed through each day creating a positive, progressive plan of recovery. A program designed for her.
When The REST Center first opened, Lorie was there with hope and excitement for a recovery 'home'. She got involved right away, volunteering, chairing meetings, being a support at the drop-in. When the pandemic hit, the center was forced to close the doors. This left Lorie longing for connection, she and her husband created a Facebook recovery support group, the group offered meetings and support to individuals seeking recovery from all over the globe.
It was during the shut-down that Lorie joined the Maine Recovery Advocacy Project, providing testimony on bills up for discussion in the 130th legislature. She has shared her story with reporters about how the pandemic affected her recovery. Lorie did her recovery coach training through PRCC and is looking forward to utilizing the skills she has learned. Lorie views recovery as 'any pathway that leads to a positive change'.
Lorie and her husband Mike have three children. While raising their children Lorie stayed active in their education, and after school activities. Lorie has owned a business and understands the importance of 'team work makes the dream work' attitude.
Lories life experiences and her journey through recovery have positioned her for this moment in time, as the new director of the REST Center.
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