Recovery Coaching

It's Smart to Work With a Recovery Coach

It's Smart to Work With a Recovery Coach

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Although starting over can be difficult after being incarcerated or dealing with substance use for so long, you don't have to rebuild your entire life by yourself. At the R.E.S.T. Center in Lewiston, ME, you can work one-on-one with a highly trained recovery coach who has access to helpful resources.

Everyone's recovery journey is unique, so we'll take the time to understand where you're coming from and how you want to move forward. Call 207-783-7378 now to sign up for our recovery coaching program.

Seeking help is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Our recovery coaching program is designed to...

  • Introduce you to the R.E.S.T. Center's countless resources
  • Connect you with mentors who will help you succeed
  • Show you that recovery is possible

To arrange a meeting with a recovery coach in Lewiston, ME, reach out today.